The Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) plays an important role in ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of the public by affirming that licensed architects have the required knowledge and skills to competently practice architecture. The jurisdiction where a candidate intends to be licensed also depends on the validity of the ARE to affirm competence. If exam results are obtained by violating ARE security policies, then a jurisdiction may unwittingly license an individual who is not competent to practice architecture. This puts the health, safety, and welfare of the public at risk.

By protecting ARE content before, during, and after exam administrations, NCARB’s many exam security measures help to maintain the faith that the public and licensing jurisdictions place in the validity of your ARE results.

NCARB copyrights all examination content and requires ARE examinees to accept the ARE Candidate Agreement. This agreement prohibits you from attempting to access or distribute exam content and outlines requirements for conducting oneself professionally throughout the licensure process. Visit our ARE Candidate Agreement page to learn more about the agreement and familiarize yourself with its terms before you arrange to begin testing.

Whether you take your exams in a test center or at home using online proctoring, all exam administrations will be delivered using a secure test administration process. This process includes securing your testing location and immediate testing environment by prohibiting such items as cell phones, reference materials, and unapproved technology.

After your exam administration, NCARB analyzes all exam results for unusual testing behavior, irregularities, or other abnormalities through the use of psychometric data forensics. If the results of the analysis present evidence that calls the validity of your exam results into question, NCARB will open an investigation into the exam administration and candidate.

Candidates who do not abide by the ARE Candidate Agreement or other security policies and procedures established by NCARB or its test delivery vendor are subject to disciplinary action.

For more details regarding ARE security measures, please read the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.