We’re serious about protecting the public’s health, safety, and welfare, and to do that, we have to protect the content of the ARE. To ensure the exam’s integrity, we use Prometric’s secure test administration process and copyright all examination content.  

In addition to testing at a secure location, you’ll have to accept our ARE Candidate Agreement before taking any ARE 5.0 division. The agreement prohibits you from attempting to access or distribute exam content before or after the exam. Learn more about what you can and can’t share from your exam experience.

To further protect the content of the exam, you will not be able to: 

  • Bring personal items into the testing room besides your ID or items from the pre-approved accommodated item list in the Guidelines
  • Use your own pencil, scratch paper, or calculator. Prometric will provide you with pencils and scratch paper in the testing room, and the exam will include an on-screen calculator. 
  • Take the pencils or scratch paper out of the testing room. You will be required to return all pencils and scratch paper to the test center administrator. 
  • Refer to any outside materials or digital devices, including cell phones, while at the testing center. This includes break time. 

Candidates who do not follow these rules and security measures are subject to NCARB’s policy on exam candidate conduct.

For more details regarding ARE security measures, view the ARE 5.0 Guidelines

Prometric has instituted new policies and procedures to help ensure candidate and staff safety due to coronavirus.  Please refer to Prometric's website for more information about bringing personal protective equipment to the test center.