IPAL is a dynamic, innovative approach to architecture education for NAAB-accredited programs. Programs participating in IPAL must provide students with a structured approach to complete the AXP and pass the ARE before graduation—the rest is up to you! Your school can integrate education, experience, and examination in the way that best suits your existing curriculum.

"The work of our IPAL students has been highly regarded by the partner firms and the IPAL consortium as a whole. ... The IPAL students, by and large, have brought new skills to their respective workplaces."

—University of North Carolina at Charlotte

IPAL Requirements

To be accepted into the IPAL initiative, your program must:

  • Be accredited (or in candidacy for accreditation) by the NAAB
  • Demonstrate that students have the opportunity to complete the AXP before graduation
  • Provide access to each division of ARE 5.0 prior to graduation
  • Appoint an IPAL advisor at your school

NCARB accepts IPAL proposals year-round. To join the IPAL initiative, follow these steps:

  1. Review the IPAL Proposal Requirements to learn what will be expected of your school, as well as how to submit your proposal.
  2. Download and fill out the IPAL Proposal Form and email it to IPAL@ncarb.org as a PDF.
  3. Your proposal will be reviewed by NCARB’s team of experienced volunteers, who will be in touch with any follow-up questions.

If your program is accepted, NCARB can provide support as you work with your jurisdiction’s licensing board and help your students navigate the path to licensure.

To learn more about the IPAL initiative, contact IPAL@ncarb.org.

Already an IPAL advisor? Learn more about supporting your school’s IPAL option.