The AXP is designed to help you gain comprehensive experience in areas of architectural practice related to health, safety, and welfare. You can start earning AXP experience after you graduate from high school or the established equivalent.

Getting Started

The AXP identifies 96 key tasks you should be able to competently perform at the point of licensure. The tasks are spread across six practice-based areas that align with current architectural practice. To complete the program and demonstrate your skills in the required areas, you’ll need to document a specific number of hours in each experience area. Use the list of tasks identified for each area in the AXP Guidelines to make sure you are gaining appropriate experiences to build your competence.

NCARB Record

To report experience, you’ll need to establish an NCARB Record—a detailed online account of your professional history that you’ll use to complete the AXP, take the ARE, and earn your license to practice.

Recording AXP Experience

To complete the AXP, you’ll need to demonstrate and document competent performance of the tasks identified in each experience area—a total of 3,740 hours across the six areas. To earn full credit toward the AXP for your work, remember to document your hours within the program’s reporting requirement.

If you are an experienced designer with significant experience older than five years, you may qualify to submit an online portfolio with samples of your work rather than completing the AXP through the hourly method. Learn more about the AXP Portfolio.

Experience Requirements

In addition to the AXP’s six practice-based experience areas, the program also includes two experience settings that define various types of work that qualify for AXP. Keep in mind, around half of your experience must be earned in an architectural practice under the supervision of an architect licensed in the United States or Canada—this is setting A. You can also earn experience through a variety of other opportunities in setting O.

As your career develops, review the requirements in the AXP Guidelines to ensure you’re getting the experience you need.

Supervisors and Mentors

All of your experience reports must be reviewed and approved by an AXP supervisor (or, in some settings, a qualified mentor). Learn more about your supervisor’s role.

Ready to get started? Download the AXP Guidelines for a detailed look at the program’s requirements and expectations.