You can start earning AXP® experience after you graduate from high school (or the established equivalent). You’ll need three things before you start:

  • An experience opportunity that qualifies for AXP credit
  • An NCARB Record
  • A supervisor or mentor

Experience Requirements

The AXP covers a number of architecture-related opportunities and areas. Keep in mind that each opportunity must meet certain conditions, and at least half of your experience must be earned while employed by a qualified architecture firm under the supervision of an architect.

As your career develops, review the AXP requirements to ensure you’re getting the experience you need.

NCARB Record

To report experience, you’ll need to establish an NCARB Record, which will become a detailed, verified account of your education, experience, and examination history. You’ll also need a Record to start the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®).

Recording AXP Experience

To complete the AXP, you’ll need to demonstrate competent performance of 96 tasks identified across six experience areas. There are two methods of demonstrating your experience:

  • Documenting a minimum of 3,740 hours across six experience areas
  • Submitting an online portfolio with samples of your work (Note: this option—known as the AXP Portfolio—is only for experienced designers with experience beyond five years applying for initial licensure)

Supervisors and Mentors

All of your experience reports must be reviewed and approved by an AXP supervisor (or, in some cases, a mentor). Learn more about your supervisor’s role.

Ready to get started? Download the AXP Guidelines—essential reading for licensure candidates, supervisors, and mentors.