The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is an international forum composed of member economies within the Asia- Pacific region. Its purpose is “to sustain the growth and development of the region for the common good of its people” by encouraging trade. 

While the United States does not have mutual recognition agreements with every country or economy in the Asia-Pacific region, APEC's Architect Project helps facilitate the mobility of architects throughout the region. Its main function is to maintain a register of APEC architects who have fulfilled common elements of the education, training, and registration requirements for professional recognition in participating economies.

Registration as an APEC architect provides evidence of the achievement of professional standards that may satisfy some, or all, of the requirements for the recognition of architects by host APEC economies.

Please note: Becoming an APEC architect may help facilitate licensure in an APEC economy, but does not automatically grant you the privilege to practice. You must complete the licensure process in the individual APEC economy.

APEC Architect Registration

An APEC architect is a person who is registered, licensed, or otherwise professionally recognized as an architect in a participating economy, and whose name is enrolled on a section of the APEC Architect Register maintained by that economy. APEC architects are bound by host economy codes of professional conduct to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

To become an APEC architect enrolled in the U.S., you must:

  • Be a registered architect in at least one U.S. jurisdiction
  • Hold an active NCARB Certificate
  • Have at least seven years of professional experience as a registered/licensed architect
  • Have gained experience in all of the following categories of architectural practice:
    • Preliminary studies and preparation of brief
    • Design
    • Contract documentation
    • Administration
  • Have at least three of the seven years of post-licensure experience undertaken as an architect:
    • With sole professional responsibility for the design, documentation, and contract administration of buildings of moderate complexity; or
    • In collaboration with other architects, as an architect in charge of and professionally responsible for significant aspect of the design, documentation, and/or contract administration of complex buildings

To retain your registration, you must maintain an active NCARB Certificate, comply with obligations imposed by your licensing board to maintain your professional competence, and observe codes of professional conduct. APEC registration is renewable every three years.

APEC Application and Renewal

To apply for registration as an U.S. APEC architect, download the Statement of Qualifications.

The Statement of Qualifications may be submitted at any time for initial application or registration renewal. Please send the completed form to

Explore the list of U.S. APEC architects below.