Construction & Evaluation (CE) focuses on construction contract administration and post-occupancy evaluation of projects. You should be able to demonstrate an understanding of and abilities in construction contract execution, construction support services (including construction observation and shop drawing or submittal review), payment request processing, and project closeout. In addition, candidates must also demonstrate an understanding and abilities in project evaluation of integrated building systems and their performance. 

Construction & Evaluation Details:

  • Number of items: 75
  • Test duration: 3 hr
  • Allowed break time: 30 min
  • Total appointment time: 3 hr 40 min

Preparing for Construction & Evaluation? NCARB has created a full-length, scored practice exam specific to Construction & Evaluation now available for free in the Practice Exam Dashboard in your NCARB Record if you have ARE eligibilities. You can also find more details and suggested references in our ARE 5.0 Guidelines and test prep video series.



CE includes sections on the following content areas: 

  • Preconstruction Activities
    • Interpret the architect’s roles and responsibilities during preconstruction based on delivery method 
    • Analyze criteria for selecting contractors 
    • Analyze aspects of the contract or design to adjust project costs
  • Construction Observation 
    • Evaluate the architect’s role during construction activities 
    • Evaluate construction conformance with contract documents, codes, regulations, and sustainability requirements 
    • Determine construction progress
  • Administrative Procedures & Protocols
    • Determine appropriate additional information to supplement contract documents 
    • Evaluate submittals including shop drawings, samples, mock-ups, product data, and test results 
    • Evaluate the contractor’s application for payment 
    • Evaluate responses to non-conformance with contract documents
  • Project Closeout & Evaluation 
    • Apply procedural concepts to complete close-out activities 
    • Evaluate building design and performance