Need some guidance along the path to licensure? Contact your local architect licensing advisor!

Licensing advisors are professionals, educators, and students who volunteer their time to help others pursue licensure. These volunteers often provide candidates with their first glimpse into the licensure process, lending help and advice along the way. Similar to a supervisor or mentor, you can look to your advisors for insight into completing the AXP, passing the ARE, and meeting licensure and reciprocity requirements.

Find Your Licensing Advisor

NAAB-accredited architecture programs and most AIA state chapters have an advisor. Find contact information for yours here! NCARB shares tools and training opportunities to ensure these volunteers are ready to help candidates and architects understand our programs. If you have an NCARB-specific question or need help with your Record, please contact us.

Become a Licensing Advisor

Are you the person everyone comes to with licensure questions? You should join the Architect Licensing Advisors Community!

Learn More About Licensing Advisors

To become a licensing advisor, contact

Licensing Advisors Community

Already a licensing advisor? You now can access the online community through your My NCARB account. Simply login to My NCARB and select "Architect Licensing Advisors Community" from the "Community Sites" list.

Licensing Advisors Summit

NCARB hosts regular summits to train current licensing advisors by providing an opportunity to share resources, get training, and discuss changes to the profession. The next summit will be held in 2023. If you'd like to become a licensing advisor, please contact