Candidates have the flexibility to test online, at a test center, or a combination of both options. Whether you test online or in-person, the exam's policies, security protocols, tools, and navigation are the same for all candidates testing with PSI.

As of June 14, 2022, the delivery of the ARE has moved to PSI. PSI has slightly different policies and security protocols, especially when it comes to online proctoring. If you previously tested with Prometric, please refer to the ARE 5.0 Guidelines to view PSI's policies. Before taking an online appointment with PSI, please schedule a test run appointment to become familiar with the check-in process. 

What to Expect for an In-Person Appointment

When testing at a physical PSI test center, you should be ready to: 

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes early
  • Present a valid photo ID (the name on the ID must match the name your division is scheduled under, and the ID must include your signature) 
  • Store your personal items in a locker or secure storage bag.
  • Complete a security screening, which includes being scanned with a hand-held metal detector wand. 

For more details on this process, including a full list of accepted forms of ID, see the ARE 5.0 Guidelines. 

What to Expect for an Online Appointment

Before every online proctored appointment, be sure to take a free test run appointment to ensure that your testing setup meets NCARB and PSI's requirements.

When testing with PSI via online proctoring, you should be ready to: 

  • Check in at least 30 minutes early
  • Present a valid photo ID (the name on the ID must match the name your division is scheduled under, and the ID must include your signature) 
  • Have your picture taken 
  • Complete a security screening.
  • Present a 360-degree view of your testing area
  • Leave your personal items outside the secure, online-proctored area  

Learn more about how to prepare for your ARE 5.0 online proctored appointment

Technical Difficulties 

If you see an error message or experience a computer problem while you’re taking the exam, let the test center staff or online proctor know immediately. Do not clear the error message. If the technical difficulties cannot be resolved quickly, your exam will be rescheduled at no cost.

Reporting Concerns

If you have any testing concerns after your appointment, be sure to file a report with the test center administrator/online proctor AND contact us immediately to let us know. You should NOT wait until you receive your test results to contact us. Concerns must be received within 15 days of your appointment date.

Testing Accommodations

Do you have a medical condition or situation that requires accommodations? NCARB is committed to ensuring the availability of reasonable ADA accommodations by making feasible modifications to our examination procedures for candidates with documented conditions, including pregnancy and breastfeeding.

NCARB also offers accommodations for candidates who speak or read English as a second language. Learn how to apply for accommodations.  

IMPORTANT: Accommodations must be approved prior to scheduling an exam appointment. 

In order to protect exam security, maintain the validity of the exam, and meet the overall delivery capabilities of the ARE, there are limits to the accommodations that NCARB and PSI are able to provide. Common examples of reasonable accommodations include additional breaks, extended testing time (up to 50 percent longer), and testing in a separate room within the test center.

For a full list of pre-approved medical devices and other personal items you may take into the testing room, please read the ARE 5.0 Guidelines