Your AXP supervisor should:

  1. Exercise direct supervision over you.
  2. Help you create a strategy to gain the experience needed to complete the AXP.
  3. Provide coaching and instruction throughout a project, followed by reviewing your experience reports.

Exercising Direct Supervision

Your AXP supervisor must have direct supervision over you. This means your supervisor is responsible for your work on a daily basis and has the professional knowledge to certify that the work performed meets the necessary standards.

Direct supervision can occur through face-to-face contact or remote communication, as long as they maintain responsibility for your work.

Finding Work Opportunities

To complete the AXP, you will need to document a total of 3,740 hours across six experience areas. To do this, you’ll need to practice working on a variety of different tasks typical in architectural practice.

As you progress along the path to licensure, ask your supervisor to assign new opportunities across each of the six experience areas, or point you toward opportunities outside your firm.

Reviewing Experience Reports

Your supervisor will review each experience report you submit and verify that the information they contain is accurate. Before and after you submit each report, you should meet with your supervisor to discuss expectations, as well as any necessary edits. Learn more about reporting AXP hours.