Once you have been made eligible to earn an NCARB Certificate through the Foreign Architect Path, you will need to satisfy NCARB’s experience and examination requirements.

Architectural Experience Program (AXP)

To complete this program, you will need to report 3,740 hours across six experience areas. At least 1,860 hours must be earned by working under an architect who is licensed in the U.S. or Canada—although these can also be earned while working abroad. In most cases, you can report up 1,860 hours working for an architect licensed in another country.

There are no time limitations when documenting your hours. As an architect, any qualifying experience will count toward the AXP—regardless of when you earned it. To learn more about what qualifies for the AXP, read our AXP Guidelines.

Architect Registration Examination (ARE)

The ARE is a six-part exam designed to test your knowledge and skills in architecture. You can begin scheduling ARE divisions after NCARB has confirmed you’re eligible to participate in the Foreign Architect Path and you paid your Certificate application fee. To learn more about preparing for the exam, read our ARE Guidelines.

Receiving Your NCARB Certificate

Once NCARB has confirmed you meet the requirements for certification through this path, and you have paid the fee, you will be issued a Certificate number. You will then be able to use your NCARB Certificate to apply for reciprocal licensure in a U.S. jurisdiction that accepts the Foreign Architect Path.