Under the community-based design center/collaborative opportunity in experience setting O, you can earn up to 320 hours of experience for volunteer service in support of a charitable organization.

To qualify for AXP™ credit, the organization must be pre-approved by NCARB before you engage in the opportunity. See the roster of approved organizations.

To report experience under this opportunity:

  • Verify that the organization has been pre-approved by NCARB, and
  • Submit experience to the organization’s designated supervisor through the online reporting system.

Interested organizations should review the following criteria before applying for approval by emailing NCARB at axp@ncarb.org:

  • The organization must have 501(c)(3) status as a charitable organization.
  • The work must be in support of building or planning projects.
  • The organization must have an established ongoing relationship with an architect who can exercise direct supervision and serve as the designated AXP supervisor for the organization.
  • The work performed by the organization must be related to AXP experience areas and certified by the designated AXP supervisor as directly related to the practice of architecture.