10 Best Instagram Accounts for Architects

Instagram is one of the best places to find design inspiration. We scrolled through countless feeds (rough gig, I know) to track down photographers worth following—from daredevil Vitaliy Raskalov to New York-based architect Lee Mindel. In no particular order, here are 10 accounts to keep an eye on.

SCAD Architecture
Ever wonder what it’s like be an architecture student at the Savannah College of Art and Design? Follow along as the next generation of architects travel abroad, collaborate with practitioners, and survive studio life. Almost makes us want to go back to school … almost.

Yuko Mouton
Japanese fashion designer Yuko Mouton’s latest collection is a nod to Tokyo’s modern architecture. So it’s no surprise that her Instagram feed is filled with futuristic structures that embody her love affair with clean lines and exaggerated angles.

Bob Borson
I’ll be the first to admit that we’re big fans of Bob Borson’s blog—and Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts. Not surprisingly, his Instagram stream is equally addictive. We were initially drawn in by his enviable sketching skills (pun intended), but kept coming back for snapshots of modern architecture, models, and site visits.

Rainbow facades? Check. Glittering skyscrapers? You bet. The Parisian photographer has an affinity for intricate patterns, mesmerizing envelops, and unique stairwells. Bonus points for the occasional photo of flora and fauna.

Demond Meek
As part of his “Slum Beautiful” project, Demond Meek documents the long forgotten buildings of St. Louis. With broken windows, peeling paint, and dilapidated exteriors, Meek’s poignant photographs shed light on the impact of urban decay.

Thrill-seekers Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov travel the world in search of the perfect aerial view. So far, the daring duo have scaled the Eiffel Tower, Cologne's Cathedral, and the Great Pyramid of Giza, to name a few. Note: Please don’t try this at home.

From whimsical water towers to postmodernist marvels, this graphic designer turned photographer beautifully captures “the lines of the city.” And as a founding member of the international marketing initiative SeeMyCity, this Instagrammer knows a thing or two about the transformative power of photography.

Lee Mindel
As a columnist for Architectural Digest and a partner at the eponymous firm Shelton, Mindel & Associates, architect Lee Mindel has a strong pulse on industry trends. He frequently shares magazine-worthy snapshots of sleek interiors and perfectly manicured landscapes.

Mauricio Tufiño
The self-proclaimed “amateur photographer” has managed to capture architectural gems from across the ages. From Rome’s Colosseum to Madrid’s candy-colored PAU Carabanchel (on right), there’s a little something for everyone. While his posts can be few and far between, we think they’re well worth the wait.

Ingo’s minimalist approach to portraying modern architecture always leaves us craving more. The photographer plays with unique angles and filters to emphasize geographic elements.

Who’s your favorite Instagrammer? Let us know in comments.

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