If you’re a licensure candidate, you might not be that familiar with the NCARB Certificate. Although the NCARB Certificate isn’t something you will use until you have obtained licensure, it’s never too early to start planning for your future! Read on to learn the value of the NCARB Certificate and how it could advance your future career.

Explore Certificate Benefits

Why Become NCARB Certified?

  1. Credibility: Research shows that architecture clients value the credibility that comes with meeting the national standards for licensure. With the Certificate, you can add “NCARB” after your name and show your firm, peers, and clients that you’ve met the highest standards for practice.
  2. Career Mobility: Whether you’re interested in taking a job offer in a new state, pursuing new clients, or expanding your firm, being able to quickly get licensed in a new state is essential. As an NCARB Certificate holder, you’ll have exclusive access to simplified out-of-state licensure across the United States, and other international markets.
  3. Professional Development: As an architect, you’ll want to stay on the cutting edge of new trends in practice—and, with the NCARB Certificate, you’ll gain free access to a constant supply of on-demand continuing education courses on the latest HSW topics.

Be Prepared—Get Certified for Free

If you keep your NCARB Record active throughout the process of earning your license, getting certified is easy—and free! NCARB will waive fees for your first year of certification, as well as the application fee.

You’ll be eligible for certification once you’ve completed the Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®), passed the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®), hold a license in one U.S. jurisdiction, and met the education requirement. There are multiple options to satisfy the education requirement, so this credential is accessible to architects of all backgrounds.

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