ArchArchive: October Edition

A roundup of our favorite stories from around the web.

Gehry’s Gaff
Frank Gehry says today’s architecture is mostly “pure [expletive],” setting off a firestorm of criticism.

Edible Architecture
Illustrator Nicholas Blechman reimagines architectural landmarks as culinary staples—including St. Peter’s Basilica as a lemon juicer and London’s Velodrome as a Pringle.

“Dragon Lady”
Six things you didn’t know about the late Judith Edelman, an esteemed architect and crusader for equity in design.

Back to the Future
Ever since Marty McFly climbed atop a hoverboard in Back to the Future II (coincidentally on October 21, 2015), everyone wondered when the high-tech gadget would become a reality. Leave it to architect Greg Henderson to bring our childhood fantasies to life.

Happy Halloween
Need a last-minute costume? Check out this cheeky guide to dressing like an architect for Halloween.

Recession Rebound
How architecture firms have (and haven't) responded to the Great Recession.

Tune In
Whether you’re just starting school or you’ve been practicing for years, here are eight podcasts guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired (and a little less cranky from your morning commute).

Magic Materials
What if buildings could last forever? These self-healing materials just might change the future of construction.