Emerge by AIAU Offers Candidates Hours Toward Licensure

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Do you know someone on the path to licensure? Are you on the path to licensure? The American Institute of Architects (AIA) wants to help. The licensure process and the profession are constantly evolving, and the AIA supports emerging professionals by providing resources to help them achieve their goals.

In June, the AIA launched a new resource called Emerge by AIAU. To assist Architectural Experience Program™ (AXP™) candidates and Associate AIA members in gaining experience under Setting O, the AIA Center for Emerging Professionals developed the video series with a focus on hard-to-reach practice areas. Simply stated, Emerge by AIAU will help emerging professionals get experience that isn’t always readily accessible at architecture firms.

Candidates and Associate members can gain up to 20 AXP hours per experience area by completing online video courses, worth one hour of HSW credit each. New HSW courses will be available through the series continually, keeping the offerings fresh and relevant. Through digestible segments, quizzes, and activities, emerging professionals will gain experience on their own time and their own terms.

Want to learn more? Take a further look at Emerge by AIAU here:

Emerge by AIAU is free for all Associate AIA members.

About the Author

As a manager of the Center for Emerging Professionals at The American Institute of Architects, Milan Jordan develops and coordinates educational programs, directs data collection, and develops, promotes, and distributes continuing education courses and other knowledge resources for emerging professionals. Milan also coordinates special programs and events for a diverse group of students, recent graduates, and architects licensed less than 10 years. With a background in architecture and a passion for nonprofit management and development, her career is at the intersection of mission-driven work for the built environment.