Explore NCARB's FY19 Annual Report

The Fiscal Year 2019 was very special for NCARB, as we celebrated 100 years of serving architectural licensing boards and our customers by developing national standards for licensure and facilitating mobility—but that’s not all we accomplished during FY19! We’re excited to share our 2019 Annual Report, where you’ll be able to explore all of our recent updates for students, licensure candidates, architects, and licensing boards.  

Explore the Annual Report

FY19 Highlights

Check out the annual report to catch up on this year’s advancements to our programs and services, including:

  • Members and Volunteers: We worked with leaders in architectural regulation from across the country to help licensing boards carry out their important work to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare.
  • Architects: With help from our members and volunteers, we worked to ensure the NCARB Certificate continues to be a broadly accessible credential, provided additional guidelines for continuing education, and explored the future of architectural regulation.
  • Licensure Candidates: We updated resources, offered new tools, and continued to evaluate our national programs—all while inspiring the next generation or architects.
  • Centennial: We commemorated NCARB’s rich history—and the thousands of volunteers who helped our organization become what it is today—and explored what our second century might look like.

Also featured in our report is a timeline of our key efforts throughout the fiscal year, from July 2018 to June 2019.