Let’s Go Further in 2017



Last year was an exciting one at NCARB. From the launch of the Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®) and Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) 5.0 to additional paths to NCARB certification, our community of Member Boards, volunteers, and staff have been busy ensuring the paths to licensure and reciprocal licensure adapt to the changing profession while maintaining the necessary rigor to protect the public.

Ready to Serve You

NCARB has a staff of nearly 100 people who work to provide the best possible service to our customers and Member Boards. The staff, consisting of both architects and non-architects, provides a wealth of diverse experiences and skill sets to the organization. Here’s what we do:

Customer Relations
The organization’s largest team, these are the friendly people who answer your calls and emails, evaluate your Record for licensure or certification, and transmit your information to state boards. They are here to help you at every stage of your career path—from just getting started to retirement.

Experience + Education
With a wide-ranging list of responsibilities, the E+E team works with volunteers to maintain the AXP and education alternatives for certification. They also train our architect licensing advisors community, and visit schools, AIA chapters, and conferences to explain the components of licensure and answer your questions face-to-face.

The Examination team focuses on the development and administration of the ARE. To do this, they work with architects from across the country to develop, deliver, and monitor the exam. In addition, they monitor and answer your questions about the exam through the ARE 4.0 Community and 5.0 Community.

Information Systems
From My NCARB to the My AXP app, many of the services you use every day are developed by our in-house Information Systems team. They are constantly evolving and improving our systems as we modernize how we manage your NCARB Record or Certificate. The team also analyzes our data to see trends in the licensure process—the end result: NCARB by the Numbers.

Council Relations
We are an organization that depends on the service of hundreds of volunteer architects to ensure our programs and services meet the needs of NCARB’s 54 member jurisdictions. Our Council Relations team manages the volunteering process, tracks jurisdictional requirements for initial and reciprocal licensure, and works with the Executive Office to maintain our relationships with other organizations within the architecture profession.

Marketing & Communications
Almost everything you see from NCARB has been written and designed by our Marketing & Communications team. This blog, emails, our social media channels, and NCARB Live are just some of the things managed by the team to keep you informed about our programs and services.

Every business needs a group of people focused on keeping the office running. Our administration team includes accounting, human resources, and meeting planning to keep our whole team financially responsible, fully resourced, and ready to meet the needs of our customers and volunteers.

The Executive Office
Last, but not least, our leaders set NCARB’s direction and continue to challenge us to go further for you. Our CEO, COO, and Board of Directors are committed to ensuring NCARB embraces its values of being open, responsive, and restless; and working toward our strategic vision related to facilitating licensure, fostering collaboration, and centralizing credential data.

You can learn more about how we worked to serve you last year in the FY16 Annual Report.