Online proctoring is expected to launch on December 14, 2020, along with several important changes to exam navigation, timing, and tools that will impact all candidates—whether testing in-person or remotely. We recently held a live webinar to answer your questions about online proctoring and the exam changes. Now, our staff is answering all the questions we didn’t have the chance to answer during the webinar. 

Watch the videos below to see NCARB’s Examination Assistant Vice President Michelle Cohn, AIA, NCARB, and Assistant Vice President Joan Paros, MBA, cover your questions on the following topics: 

Plus, check out our previous blog to watch Q&A about:

  • General Questions About the ARE
  • Online Proctoring Basics, Scheduling, and Exam Content
  • Exam Development, Division Changes, and Case Studies
  • The New Break Policy

We’ll continue to share additional videos covering your questions about the new digital whiteboard, accommodations, the transition to PSI, and more. Please be on the lookout for those posts as we work to provide the answers you need to prepare for online proctoring.

Online Proctoring Timeline

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Online Proctoring Testing Setup

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During Your Appointment

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Exam Software and the Demo Exam

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For more information about online proctoring and what you can expect, watch the recording of our live webinar. Have more questions? Contact us online or through the ARE 5.0 Community.