Serving the Community Through Architecture

This National Architecture Week, we’re joining the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in celebrating the impact that architects can have on the spaces and people around them. Here’s what some of our volunteers had to say about their role in the community:

“I think an architect's role in the community is two-fold. The first is how we affect the built environment and making sure we're responsible and respectful of not only the built community but the people who will work, use, and inhabit these spaces. [It’s also] important is to personally extend yourself in the community—reaching out to get to know community members.”
—Andrew Shelby, AIA, NCARB (Member of NCARB’s FY18 Re-Think Tank)

“It has always been my aspiration to be an architect. I want to help revitalize communities through the inclusion of historic buildings, and explore how retro-fitting and improving upon historic buildings within our existing communities can create a better sense of place for people.”
—Leigh House (Member of NCARB’s FY18 Think Tank)

“I love architecture because it's so powerful. We have the power to make people's lives better, but we also have the responsibility to make people's lives better.”
—Kiwana McClung (Member of NCARB’s FY18 Think Tank)

“Becoming an architect allowed me to help transform a community in a way that was much more than just being a draftsman and having mindless work—it allowed me to express my creativity but give back to my community.”
—Joe Bruce, AIA (Member of NCARB’s FY18 Re-Think Tank)

“I believe the role of an architect is to develop the built environment and to support and foster community development … to bring people together in the public realm by creating an aesthetic beauty that allows them to function in whatever is needed for the community.”
—Allison Conley, AIA, NCARB (Member of NCARB’s FY18 Re-Think Tank)

“As architects, we provide a service to our clients and our community. To help our profession go further, I think it’s important for us to volunteer, especially for young architects … If there is going to be an initiative to help our built environment be better, it has to come from architects.”
—Yanwen Xiao, AIA (Member of NCARB’s FY18 Re-Think Tank)

What do you think an architect’s role is in the community—tell us in the comments!