Help determine what the path to licensure will look like in the future by participating in NCARB’s Analysis of Practice! A profession-wide study, the Analysis of Practice will explore how architects are currently practicing and how that practice is likely to shift in the years ahead. The results will guide updates to NCARB’s programs and services, including the national experience program and licensing exam.

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How can I participate?
By filling out our brief online form, you can sign up to participate in online polls, webinars, interviews, focus groups, and more. Everyone who signs up will have the opportunity to take the profession-wide survey, which is expected to launch in early 2022, but our research partner Alpine Testing Solutions will also be sharing invite-only opportunities throughout the rest of 2021.

Why participate?
The profession is constantly evolving, and the path to licensure must evolve with it. To ensure our programs are aligned with modern architecture practice, NCARB regularly partners with researchers to conduct a comprehensive review of current practice. The previous study led to a restructuring of the Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®) and Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®).

By participating, you can help guarantee that current health, safety, and welfare standards at the national and jurisdictional levels match the needs of the public, the profession, and future generations of architects.

Who can participate?
To ensure accuracy, the Analysis of Practice needs input from as many individuals as possible—including architects and licensure candidates, as well as related professionals working alongside architects (landscape designers, engineers, etc.). If you know someone who might want to participate, we encourage you to share the sign-up form with them!

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