Watch Now: Q&A with NCARB Leadership

During a special edition of NCARB Live, we invited Council leadership to provide updates on several hot-topics, including the possibility of licensure at graduation, the Future Title Task Force, and the proposed changes to the IDP. We then gave viewers the chance to ask our guests anything about the profession. Here’s a snapshot of your questions:

  • What is NCARB doing to ensure diversity within the profession?
  • How can I join an NCARB committee?
  • Is my information secure?
  • Do other professional organizations support licensure at graduation?
  • Why did it take so long to change the exam’s retake policy?
  • And more!

Download the full transcript here.

This month, attendees heard from NCARB CEO Michael Armstrong, President Dale McKinney, FAIA, and President-elect Dennis Ward, AIA. Note: If you have specific questions regarding your Record, please contact Customer Service at 202/879-0520.

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