Watch Now: Tips to Shorten Your Time to Licensure

More than 350 people tuned in for the April edition of NCARB Live, a webinar series for emerging professionals. As part of our latest initiative, Destination Architect: Getting It Done!, we highlighted several tools students and interns can take advantage of to shorten their time to licensure. We then gave viewers the chance to ask us anything about becoming licensed. Here’s a snapshot of your questions: 

  • How can I practice using the exam vignettes? 
  • Why do I have to wait six months before retaking a failed ARE division? 
  • Can I earn IDP experience while studying abroad?
  • How will the launch of ARE 5.0 affect me?
  • Why is there a rolling clock?
  • Is the reporting requirement going to change?
  • When is the Android version of MY IDP going to be available?
  • Where can I find study materials?

Download the full transcript here.

This month, attendees heard from the Internship + Education Assistant Director Nick Serfass, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, PMP, and the Customer Relations Assistant Director Demetrius Norman. While we didn’t have time to address every question, we’ll answer the remaining questions through a series of upcoming posts. Note: If you have specific questions regarding your Record, please contact Customer Service at 202/879-0520.

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