NCARB has migrated the delivery of the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) 5.0 from Prometric to PSI to better support licensure candidates. With PSI, candidates will experience several benefits including more scheduling flexibility, more direct customer service, and less expensive rescheduling. Plus, there are now more physical test centers available to exam candidates. The option to test online is still available through PSI’s Bridge.

How to Schedule an Exam With PSI

Are you ready to schedule your exam with PSI? Use the Exams tab in your NCARB Record to navigate to the “All Divisions” section and select “Schedule Division.” You will then follow the prompts. How to Migrate and Schedule ARE Appointments With PSI provides detailed instructions and videos to assist you with scheduling your ARE 5.0 exam. 

New ARE 5.0 Practice Exams

Our free ARE 5.0 practice exams were created to provide all candidates with access to affordable, high-quality materials to prepare for the ARE. These practice exams are fully scored, full-length versions of each division of the ARE. The practice exams are available in two modes—test mode and practice mode—allowing for a study experience designed to fit your needs.

Understanding the New ARE Score Report

NCARB has enhanced the information provided on failing ARE 5.0 score reports. The new score reports are designed to give clearer feedback on failed division performance for candidates to craft better studying plans. Each divisional content area will now feature percentage-based performance information, comparing the percent of items you answered correctly to the average percent answered correctly by candidates who previously passed the division. Failing ARE divisions taken with PSI will also include a scaled score, giving a consistent metric for interpreting scores across administrations.

New ARE 5.0 Guidelines

The final ARE 5.0 Guidelines for testing with PSI are now available. The content from previous versions of the ARE 5.0 Guidelines for testing with Prometric has been fully updated and merged with content from the ARE 5.0 Handbook, so everything you need to prepare for the exam is all in one place—including important policies as well as information about what you’ll be tested on!