As NCARB continues its critical research through the Analysis of Practice, we decided to reach out to members of NCARB’s community to see what this once-in-a-decade research effort means to them. From creating a more equitable profession to ensuring regulation adapts to changes in practice, here’s what they had to say.  

1. It will help us see where the profession is headed. 

"Most of us agree that the profession is not stagnant, and we as an industry must evolve with the times just as everyone else does. The Analysis of Practice is a strong tool to help gauge what that evolution looks like. That's why it is important that everyone, from students, interns, and young architects, up to seasoned principals need to participate in the survey to get a full, accurate understanding of where the profession is today and where it is potentially going."

—Evan Berger, Assoc. AIA

2. It will help us capture everyone’s unique experience! 

“We live in an ever-changing world, and as design professionals, we are often at the forefront of having to adapt to those changes. Each individual not only brings their unique perspective, but their unique solution—and it's important to acknowledge these solutions to ensure that the practice of architecture is headed in the right direction."

—Tanvi Solanki, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP

3. It will help us understand pinch points in our profession. 

“If we don’t understand the problems, we can’t find solutions.”

—Wyly Brown, AIA, NCARB

4. It is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to shape the future of architecture. 

“Since the 1970s, NCARB has historically conducted an Analysis of Practice every seven to 10 years ... Results from the last study were released in 2012 and led to the launch of ARE 5.0, as well as a series of changes to NCARB’s experience program—including the reduction of required hours by nearly a third.”

—NCARB Vice President of Examination Jared Zurn, AIA, NCARB, CAE

5. It can help us create a more equitable profession. 

“We will use results from the analysis as a guide in making critical updates to NCARB’s programs and services, including the national experience program and licensing exam. I look forward to seeing how these insights will help us envision and build the licensing model of the future and create a more equitable and diverse profession.”  

—NCARB President Alfred Vidaurri Jr., NCARB, NOMA, FAIA

6. It will help ensure NCARB’s programs are as forward-thinking as possible. 

“The Analysis of Practice study is the mechanism to ensure NCARB continues to align with the ever-evolving practice of architecture. It allows us, as practicing architects, to push ‘dents out of the can from the inside’ by providing valuable feedback on the issues of today.”

—Celestia Carson, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

Share your insights to help shape the future of your profession—you can take our current mini-survey, and get ready to take our profession-wide survey in April! Learn how you can get involved at