What to Expect from the 2014 Annual Meeting

You can catch live updates and follow the conversation on social media with the hashtag #NCARB14.

This week, Member Boards will gather in Philadelphia for our 95th Annual Business Meeting. Throughout the three-day conference, delegates will discuss changes to our programs, vote on resolutions, and elect new officers. We’re especially excited about this year’s meeting, because we’ll be announcing several initiatives of interest to emerging professionals. And if you happen to live in area, we’re hosting a networking event and licensure workshop with our friends at AIA Philadelphia Friday night.

Why You Should Care About the Annual Meeting

Throughout the year, various committees convene to address strategic issues—including simplifications to the IDP, the possibility of licensure at graduation, and the 2016 launch of ARE 5.0, to name a few. From there, recommendations are sent to state boards for comment or put to a vote at our Annual Meeting. (For a breakdown on how new rules are passed, check out this infographic.)

But the Annual Meeting isn’t just about voting on resolutions and electing new officers. This year, state board members will hear proposals on a variety of topics including: modifications to the IDP; and plans to reduce the burden of cost for broadly experienced and foreign architects.

Delegates will also explore the pros and cons of licensure at graduation during a panel discussion with members of the Licensure Task Force and 2013 Intern Think Tank. Plus, attendees will have the opportunity to attend workshops related to advancing the profession, the role of regulators, the importance of change, and the implementation of ARE 5.0. 

So why should you care? Because state board members are at the forefront of all this change. They were appointed by your governor to represent the interest of the public, the profession, and your future as an architect.

Follow Along

It’s been a busy year at NCARB, and the Annual Meeting is a time to celebrate major achievements while kicking off the next phase of our programs. We’ll be posting updates on our website and blog throughout the week, so be sure to follow along.