On June 15-17, delegates from the U.S. architectural licensing boards will gather to discuss issues facing the regulation of the profession at NCARB’s Annual Business Meeting in Tampa, Florida. This important three-day event invites board members from across the country to vote on potential changes to our policies and structure, elect new officials, and set our agenda for the year ahead.

Why You Should Care About the Annual Business Meeting

At the 2023 meeting, our members will vote on a proposed change to NCARB’s governance structure, which will impact the makeup of our national Board of Directors as well as the pathway to serve on our Board of Directors.

Attendees will also have the chance to learn more about NCARB’s ongoing initiatives, hear updates on recent changes made in the past year, and explore ongoing efforts to evolve the path to licensure. Plus, members will share best practices, network, and discuss resources and tools to help carry out their board’s essential mission to protect the public.

Members will also:

  • Vote on resolutions related to potential updates to NCARB’s official documents
  • Receive updates from leadership about critical issues impacting specific licensing boards
  • Elect new officers for the FY24 Board of Directors

Your board members are at the forefront of the profession, and the decisions they make will affect the future of NCARB, the architecture community, and you. The meeting’s workshops and business sessions will provide them with essential resources to guide them as they help shape and regulate your jurisdiction’s practice of architecture.

Who Our Members Are

NCARB’s members are the 55 U.S. architectural licensing boards. Members of those boards consist of individuals appointed by their governors or local leadership. Most architectural licensing board members are practicing architects, but some are members of other regulated professions, such as engineers and landscape architects. Some boards also include public members, who ensure the voice of the consumer is heard and considered. Each licensing board regulates the practice of architecture in its own jurisdiction. NCARBS serves to help establish national guidelines and recommendations that boards can adopt. 

Follow Along

You can catch live updates and follow the conversation on social media with the hashtag #NCARB23—find us LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We’ll be posting updates on our website throughout the week, so be sure to follow along!