Where are the Female Supervisors?

The gender parity is roughly the same for NCARB Record applicants, actively testing Record holders, and active interns, according to the latest edition of NCARB by the Numbers. Yet there is a very significant gender gap among current supervisors—women make up only 13 percent of those with NCARB supervisor accounts. It should be noted that the data is limited to supervisors who have active NCARB Records.

In order to be actively testing or actively submitting experience, a person must have tested or submitted experience within the past six months, respectively. Current supervisors are those active NCARB Record holders who are also supervisors on the My Experience section of the website. 

For additional insight into our profession, download your copy of the 2014 NCARB by the Numbers here.

Editor's Note: For the latest NCARB data, visit nbtn.ncarb.org.