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FY20 Annual Report.

FY20 NCARB Annual Report

Throughout FY20, NCARB focused on serving the needs of our members and customers, evaluating our programs and services, and preparing for the future.

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FY19 NCARB Annual Report

Together with our members and volunteers, NCARB spent FY19 commemorating our history and positioning NCARB for the future.

NCARB FY18 Annual Report

FY18 NCARB Annual Report

Learn more about NCARB's initiatives and highlights throughout the year in FY18 NCARB Annual Report.

2017 Annual Report

FY17 NCARB Annual Report

Our members, volunteers, and staff have been hard at work refreshing all of NCARB’s major programs. Check out the annual report to catch up on FY17's advancements and improvements.

2016 Annual Report

FY16 NCARB Annual Report

FY16 brought both progress and accomplishments for our customers, Member Boards, volunteers, and collateral partners. Read about some of these achievements in this year's Annual Report.