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Professional Conduct Committee Rules of Procedure

These Rules of Procedure guide the actions of NCARB's Professional Conduct Committee when issuing sanctions.

AXP Guidelines

AXP Guidelines

The AXP Guidelines is essential reading for licensure candidates, supervisors, and mentors participating in the AXP. The document includes steps to completing the program, reporting procedures, experience requirements, and more! 

Predesign Planning Part IV: Publications and Records

Explore methods for gathering different kinds of information—including print and digital-based—needed for pre-commission, for predesign planning, and for design.

Predesign Planning Part III: Project Planning

Discover how each phase of predesign planning relates to other project planning phases—including project feasibility, site suitability, and master planning—and can lead to cost savings during construction.

Architect Spotlight: How to Balance Studying, Work, and Your Personal Life (Feb-Mar 2019)

Recently licensed architect Farah Ahmad shares her advice on navigating the path to licensure, her experience as a minority in the architecture profession, and working in the public sector.