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How to Review AXP Experience Reports

As an Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®) supervisor, one of your crucial responsibilities is reviewing the experience reports your candidates submits. Our quick how-to video will walk you through the process of finding, reviewing, and approving your candidate’s reports.

How to Create an AXP Supervisor Account

How to Create an AXP Supervisor Account

This quick video will show you how to create a free supervisor My NCARB account.

How My Mentors Helped Me Become the Architect I Am Today (Mar-Apr 2019)

DC-based architect John Abowd shares how two mentors helped expedite his path to licensure.

Supervisor Update: Take Advantage of New AXP Supervisor Resources

Supervisors play an essential part in guiding candidates through the AXP. Review these resources to help identify your roles and responsibilities.

AXP Update

AXP Update: New Tools for You and Your Supervisor

NCARB has created several new resources to help AXP candidates and supervisors better understand their roles and responsibilities.