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ARE Testing Irregularities

Policy and Procedures for Testing Irregularities

This document provides procedures in the event of Architect Registration Examination testing irregularities.

ARE 5.0 Handbook

Updated September 2018. The ARE 5.0 Handbook walks you through each division, providing specifics on objectives, sample questions, suggested references, and more.

Destination Architect: A Candidate’s Take on ARE 5.0 (Jan-Feb 2017)

Learn what to expect from the new exam with this breakdown of the format and features of ARE 5.0—from a candidate who’s been there.

ARE Candidate Agreement

ARE Candidate Agreement

All candidates for the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) are required to agree to the ARE Candidate Agreement prior to testing on any division of the ARE.

ARE 5.0 Construction & Evaluation

In this video, we take an inside look at the Construction & Evaluation division. Watch to learn more about division objectives, sample questions, and suggested references.