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Building Envelopes Part III: Material Selection

Explore and analyze several building envelope performance specifications for building materials, while also considering factors such as performance, cost, aesthetics, and environmental impact.

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Building Envelopes Part II: Design Perception and Construction Methods/Systems

Explore the design perception of a building envelope, along with identifying the characteristics of different construction methods and systems.

Building Envelopes Part I: History and Types

Explore the development of building envelopes throughout time, along with defining the different properties and functions of envelope types.

Predesign Planning X: Predesign Plan

Predesign Planning Part X: Predesign Plan

Learn how to develop and present a final predesign plan that includes relationship matrices and diagrams, space planning sheets, project schedules, and design ideas. By the end of the course, you’ll understand how to properly present values, goals, facts, needs, and ideas in either a paper or electronic format.

Predesign Planning Part IX: Site and Climate  Download

Predesign Planning Part IX: Site and Climate

Learn how to incorporate the tools and techniques required to conduct a comprehensive site and climate analysis into a predesign plan. Along the way, you’ll get the chance to explore different case studies which demonstrate how varied considerations and values may impact architectural design.