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Licensure Progress Worksheet

Licensure Progress Worksheet

Use this document to facilitate active discussion of a candidate’s progress, goals, needs, and expectations.

Destination Architect: Explore Our New Online Tool! (Aug 2020)

We're excited to share our new Destination Architect website, where you can explore essential tools and resources that’ll assist you on every step of the path to licensure.

Destination Architect

The road to becoming an architect may seem complicated, but it’s simpler than you think. Start your journey by learning the basics.

celebration after earning a license

Destination Architect: Licensure & NCARB Certificate

Once you’ve met local requirements and received a license, you can officially call yourself an architect! You may also be eligible for the NCARB Certificate, a credential that allows you to easily practice in multiple states.

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Destination Architect: The Basics

Want to become an architect? Learn about the basic requirements, which include earning a degree, gaining professional experience, and passing the national licensing exam.