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Destination Architect: Learn How This Architect Passed ARE 5.0 In Under Three Months (Mar-Apr 2019)

Recently licensed architect Eubie Han shares how he became interested in architecture, passed ARE 5.0 in under three months, and hopes the profession will evolve.

Destination Architect: NCARB Releases Latest Data on Licensure, Diversity, and Attrition (July-Aug 2019)

NCARB’s 2019 report features new data on the path to architectural licensure.

Architect Spotlight: How to Balance Studying, Work, and Your Personal Life (Feb-Mar 2019)

Recently licensed architect Farah Ahmad shares her advice on navigating the path to licensure, her experience as a minority in the architecture profession, and working in the public sector.

Architect Spotlight: Study Secrets and Staying Motivated (Oct-Nov 2018)

Need motivation? Read how recently licensed architect Grace Anne Friedhoff navigated the path to licensure and the transition from ARE 4.0 to 5.0, plus her tips for success.

Destination Architect: Meet the First IPAL Graduates (Sep-Oct 2018)

Learn more about our innovative Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure from the initiative’s first graduates and the architects who mentored them.