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Building Envelopes Part VII

Building Envelopes Part VII: Building Envelope Case Studies

Analyze two case study buildings and document actual operational performance results of improved building envelope design strategies.

Building Envelopes Part VI

Building Envelopes Part VI: Complex Geometry and Fluid Forms

Learn more about computer-generated complex geometry and fluid forms that can be applied, to varying degrees, to the design of a building envelope.

Building Envelopes Part IV

Building Envelopes Part V: Advanced Energy Strategies

Learn how advanced technologies can maximize a building envelope’s energy performance, plus new alternative energy strategies.

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Building Envelopes Part IV: Envelope Performance

Understand how building envelopes as critical zones must be properly designed and detailed to address the multiple and complex tasks they’re required to perform, while also mitigating environmental performance problems.

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Building Envelopes Part III: Material Selection

Explore and analyze several building envelope performance specifications for building materials, while also considering factors such as performance, cost, aesthetics, and environmental impact.