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Historic Preservation Part II: What Is Historic?

Learn how to determine what makes a building or site historic, how to evaluate historic and existing buildings, how to evaluate their conditions, and how to develop their design and preservation approaches and processes.

Living, Regenerative, and Adaptive Design Strategies: Image of tall building with added greenery.

Living, Regenerative, and Adaptive Building Design Strategies

Learn about the concepts and principles of living, regenerative, and adaptive design, as well as strategies to consider incorporating while working on a project.

Architecture to Calm the Unseen Trauma of Combat Veterans: Combat veteran in uniform with black background

Architecture to Calm the Unseen Trauma of Combat Veterans

Explore common environmental perceptions among combat veterans with unseen trauma, plus analyze and determine architectural solutions to help calm such trauma.

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation Part I: What Is Historic Preservation?

Learn about the historic preservation movement in the U.S. and the processes and programs developed to integrate historic and existing buildings into the architectural field.

Building Envelopes Part VIII

Building Envelopes Part VIII: Responsive Building Envelopes

Learn about the responsive and dynamic technologies that allow building envelopes to react to changing environmental conditions.