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Black and white photo of Nichole Wayman sitting outdoors

Nichole Wayman: Completing the AXP Through the Portfolio Option

Through the AXP Portfolio, unlicensed individuals can document experience by uploading work examples that satisfy the program’s 96 tasks. To help potential applicants understand the portfolio process, Senior Architectural Designer Nichole Wayman shares her advice for navigating this opportunity.

ARE 5.0 Guidelines

The ARE 5.0 Guidelines includes an introduction to the exam, an overview of in-person and online testing options, plus five steps to completing the exam. Updated March 2021.

ARE Update: Tech Issue Update and Prometric Policy Reminder

A reminder of Prometric’s COVID-19 policies and recent software update, plus NCARB's progress addressing technical issues. Released October 19, 2021.

ARE Update: Find Your Local PSI Test Center

Ready to find out where your new test center will be once the ARE migrates to PSI? You can now view an initial list of locations that will offer the ARE. Issued October 14.

Terrance Gutberlet shows how to set up an online exam.

How to Prep for an Online ARE 5.0 Appointment

Do you have an upcoming online-proctored ARE 5.0 appointment? Join NCARB Test Development Coordinator Terrance Gutberlet as we walk you though setting up your testing space, scheduling a free test run, and other important dos and don'ts.