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National Architect: Number of U.S. Architects Continues to Rise (June-July 2019)

NCARB’s 2019 report features new data on the number of U.S. architects, path to architectural licensure, and NCARB's 100-year history.

How My Mentors Helped Me Become the Architect I Am Today (Mar-Apr 2019)

DC-based architect John Abowd shares how two mentors helped expedite his path to licensure.

NCARB Reduces Transmittal Fee (Jan-Feb 2019)

As part of a multi-year effort to gradually lower transmittal fees for architects, NCARB has lowered the fee for transmitting an NCARB Record from $400 to $385, effective January 3, 2019.

National Architect: Explore the Rich History Behind NCARB’s Jurisdictions (April-May 2019)

Learn about fascinating firsts and trailblazing members who have played a major role in shaping the national standards for registration and reciprocity we know today.

Northern Mariana Islands Joins NCARB Membership (Sept-Oct 2018)

NCARB certified architects can now apply for a reciprocal license in the Northern Mariana Islands.