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National Architect: Find New Career Opportunities Through New Arrangement With Australia and New Zealand (Jan-Feb 2017)

Michael Sweeney is the first architect to take advantage of a new opportunity to use his NCARB Certificate to become registered in Australia and New Zealand.

Destination Architect: Redefining Equity in Architecture (Nov-Dec 2016)

Architect Devanne Pena shares advice on earning a license and her experiences as a minority in the AEC field.

National Architect: Help Your Candidates Switch to ARE 5.0 (Nov-Dec 2016)

The latest version of the Architect Registration Examination (ARE), ARE 5.0, launched November 1. Here’s everything you need to help licensure candidates in your firm make the switch.

Destination Architect: Time to Earn a License Drops (Sept-Oct 2016)

NCARB’s data reveals the time to earn a license is decreasing, and the pool of licensure candidates is growing more diverse.

National Architect: Why It’s Never Too Late to Earn an Architecture License (Sept-Oct 2016)

Spread the word: experienced design professionals in your firm can get back on track with our new AXP Portfolio option.