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ARE Update: NCARB Releases ARE 5.0 Details and Question-Type Demos (February 2016)

ARE 5.0 will be split into six divisions and feature two new question types. 

National Architect: Adopting a Multidisciplinary Approach to Design (Jan-Feb 2016)

Adopting a multidisciplinary approach to design can help firms discover new ways to helps clients succeed.

Destination Architect: The 2015 Annual Report (Nov-Dec 2015)

Take an inside look at some of the accomplishments we’ve made to help aspiring architects reach their goals in the FY15 Annual Report.

National Architect: Introducing National Architect (Nov-Dec 2015)

We’re proud to say the past year has brought both progress and accomplishments for NCARB Certificate Holders.

Destination Architect: 13 Schools to Implement an Integrated Path to Licensure (Sept-Oct 2015)

As part of its ongoing efforts to facilitate architectural licensure, NCARB has accepted proposals from over a dozen architecture schools to implement an integrated path to licensure.