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NCARB Rules of Conduct

NCARB Model Rules of Conduct

The Model Rules of Conduct serves as a guideline that architectural licensing boards can adapt to ensure ethical practice among architects. Last updated July 2018.

NCARB Model Law and Regulations.

NCARB Model Law and Regulations

This document is a guideline for the regulation of registered architects that is designed to be adopted by architectural licensing boards and state legislatures. Updated July 2021.

NCARB Bylaws

NCARB Bylaws

The NCARB Bylaws outline NCARB's membership, regions, make up of the Board of Directors, services to state boards, finances, committees, and indemnification. Last updated July 2021.

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Professional Conduct Committee Rules of Procedure

These Rules of Procedure guide the actions of NCARB's Professional Conduct Committee when issuing sanctions.

Strategic Plan

NCARB Strategic Plan

NCARB’s Strategic Plan has three main goals: facilitate licensure, foster collaboration, and centralize credential data.