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Architecture to Calm the Unseen Trauma of Combat Veterans: Combat veteran in uniform with black background

Architecture to Calm the Unseen Trauma of Combat Veterans

Explore common environmental perceptions among combat veterans with unseen trauma, plus analyze and determine architectural solutions to help calm such trauma.

Your guide to becoming an architect

Your Guide to Becoming an Architect

Jumpstart your career in architecture with NCARB's step-by-step guide to earning a license.

Destination Architect

The road to becoming an architect may seem complicated, but it’s simpler than you think. Start your journey by learning the basics.

Explore New Diversity & Licensure Data (July 2020)

Explore the latest edition of NCARB’s annual data publication, which includes expanded diversity and exam insights, plus a preview of our joint survey with NOMA.

ARE Update: Social Distancing at Test Centers

Explore through the latest updates related to test center protocols, operating capacity, and examination rescheduling fees. Released July 21, 2020.