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ARE Update: COVID-19 and Winter Test Center Closures

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise and many areas anticipate additional winter spikes, ARE candidates may experience more local Prometric test center closures in the weeks ahead.

Planning for Sustainable Development Part I

Learn about the principles and concepts of sustainable development, including an overview of respected programs, initiatives, and resources to guide current projects.

ARE Update: Resources for Setting Up Your Testing Space, Accommodations, and More

The online proctoring option and changes to ARE 5.0’s navigation, format, and timing launch in less than two weeks. Make sure you’re ready by checking out our latest resources! Released December 3, 2020

NCARB Online Proctoring Requirements

Before you to take an online proctored exam, you’ll need to review several requirements established by both Prometric and NCARB.

Destination Architect: Everything You Need to Know About Online Testing (Nov 2020)

Our staff experts answer over 200 ARE-related questions—providing candidates with an in-depth understanding of the online proctoring timeline, new break policy, scheduling, testing setup, new demo exam, accommodations, and more.