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Architectural Experience Program (AXP)

What is an academic internship?

Any work experience that is integrated into your academic program, whether as a requirement or an elective, is considered an academic internship. You can report work experience earned in academic internships as long as it meets the AXP’s rules, including the  employment requirements.

What happened to the Intern Development Program (IDP)?

In 2016, the IDP was updated to reflect the six broad areas of current architectural practice and renamed the Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®).

I submitted an experience report, but my supervisor didn’t receive an email notification. What should I do?

First, have your supervisor check their junk or spam filter. If the email is still missing, please  contact our Customer Relations team.

How much does the AXP cost?

To report AXP experience, you’ll need an  NCARB Record. Applying for an NCARB Record costs $100 for the first year, with an $85 annual renewal fee. Beyond maintaining an active Record, there are no additional costs to participate in the program. Learn more on our  fees page.

How many hours do I need to document to complete the AXP?

To complete the AXP, you will need to document a minimum of 3,740 required hours, performing the tasks identified under six experience areas. Learn more about the  AXP’s requirements.

How long does it take for approved hours to appear in my Record?

Approved experience hours are immediately viewable in your AXP hour totals. You may need to log out of your NCARB Record and log back in for the update(s) to appear.

How do I start the AXP?

Before you can start reporting AXP experience, you’ll need an  NCARB Record  and an experience opportunity that qualifies for the AXP. Learn more about  getting started.

How do I review my candidate’s experience reports?

To review and approve your candidate’s experience reports, you’ll need a  free NCARB account. Once your account is set up, you’ll be able to view any reports your candidate submits. Learn more about  reviewing experience reports.

How do I report my experience?

You can report hours through your NCARB Record or by using the  My AXP app—free for Apple and Android devices. Learn  how to report your hours.

How do I complete the AXP if I am not living in the United States?

Some of your foreign experience may count toward the AXP requirement (up to 1,860 hours), but you will only be able to complete the AXP outside of the United States if you are working under an architect licensed in the United States or Canada.  Learn more about AXP requirements.