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ARE 4.0

What should I do if I experience a technical issue while taking a division?

If you experience a problem with your computer, raise your hand to notify the test center administrator (TCA). If an error message appears on the screen, do not clear the message.

What is the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®)?

The ARE is a multi-division exam used to assess your knowledge and skills regarding the practice of architecture. The exam is accepted by all U.S. jurisdictions, plus several Canadian associations, and is a key step on the path to earning a license.

What can I expect at a Prometric test center?

We contract with Prometric test centers to keep the ARE secure. On your appointment day, be ready to arrive at least 30 minutes early, present a valid photo ID, participate in security procedures, and leave your personal items outside the testing room. Learn more about what to expect in the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.

I passed the ARE. What happens next?

In most cases, if you have met the requirements for education, experience, and examination, we will evaluate and transmit your Record in approximately 45 business days. If our evaluation indicates you have met the requirements for initial licensure in your selected jurisdiction, we will notify you via email, then transmit your NCARB Record to your requested jurisdiction.

If your jurisdiction has additional requirements, you may have to complete those additional jurisdiction requirements before becoming licensed.  Check your jurisdiction's requirements.

How soon can I retake a failed division?

You can retake a failed division of the ARE as soon as 60 days after the previous attempt of that division. You may only take the same division of the ARE three times within any 12-month period. For example, if you take a division on January 1, retake it on March 2, and retake it again on May 3, you will not be able to retake that division until January 2 of the following year.

How much does the ARE cost?

ARE 5.0 includes six divisions and costs $1,410 ($235 per division). Learn more on our  fees page.

How do I start testing?

Before you can schedule an ARE division, you will need to be approved to test and receive your exam eligibilities. Once you meet your jurisdiction’s requirements, you can easily request eligibility through your NCARB Record. Learn more about  requesting exam eligibilities.

How do I schedule an appointment to take a division?

You can easily schedule a division through My NCARB. Learn how to  schedule an ARE 5.0 division.

How do I report a testing concern?

If you have questions or comments regarding your exam, you must note the concern to the test center administrator and contact us in writing within 15 days of your test date. Learn more about reporting test concerns in the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.

How can I practice using the ARE 4.0 vignette software?

You can access the free practice programs virtually through My NCARB or install the practice program for each division. Please note: installing the individual practice programs requires Windows XP Mode, which you can download from Microsoft’s website.