Editor's note:  The calculator updates have been placed on a temporary hold. Candidates can access the previous version of the calculator in the demo exam and while testing. 

Beginning August 30, 2021, exam candidates will have access to an improved calculator and whiteboard while testing. Candidates can practice using the enhanced tools in the demo exam prior to testing. 

New and Improved Exam Calculator

In an effort to continuously improve the tools available to Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) candidates, NCARB is releasing a new calculator within the ARE software, which will be available during exams beginning August 30, 2021. The new calculator includes an enhanced interface, a history feature that will log all your calculations, and improved memory functionality so you can store multiple values at the same time.

Enhancements to the Exam Whiteboard

In addition to the new calculator, NCARB is also releasing enhancements to the exam whiteboard, which will also be available during exams beginning August 30, 2021. The enhancements include an undo/redo option, allowing you to work more efficiently within the whiteboard, as well as an ortho feature allowing you to constrain lines to the vertical or horizontal directions. You can activate the ortho feature by holding the shift key while drawing a line or shape within the whiteboard.

You can test out the enhancements to the calculator and whiteboard today through the ARE Demonstration Exam. To improve your experience on test day, please take the time to become familiar with the enhanced functionality prior to testing.

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