ARE Updates: Modified Prometric Check-In Procedure

In late August, the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) will implement Prometric's biometric-enabled check-in procedures. These procedures verify a candidate's identity and provide a higher level of security to test centers and exam content. ARE candidates will begin to follow these procedures post-blackout.

Biometric-enabled check-In
The first time a candidate takes a division with biometric-enabled check-in, 
he or she will:

  • Have their photo ID scanned
  • Provide six digital fingertip swipes (three from each hand)
  • Take a test-day photo

After the first instance, a candidate will only provide one finger swipe and take a test-day photo. Other current security procedures, such as being scanned by a hand-held metal detector, will remain in place.

Why is biometric-enabled check-in being added?
This check-in process is part of standard and recommended security procedures for Prometric test centers and most other professional examinations administered by Prometric already comply with this standard.

Because the ARE has seven examinations, this check-in procedure allows us to ensure that the same person is taking each division. It also provides protection for exam content and adds additional credibility and reliability to the overall process.

Information security
All information gathered during the check-in process is protected by secure, encrypted servers and is not shared with any outside entities—including NCARB. The information will only be used to verify your identity each time you enter the test center for an appointment and is retained for a maximum of five years after the last date of activity.

Learn more
This informational video from Prometric provides an overview of the process and what to expect when you arrive at the test center. NCARB continues to recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.