In Memoriam: Walter T. Carry

Past President Walter T. Carry, FAIA, of Atlanta, Georgia, passed away on December 7, 2018. Carry oversaw NCARB’s initial foray into a pilot test of a computerized Architect Registration Examination (ARE®) and was instrumental in assembling committees and task forces to support development and testing.

In 1988, Walter T. Carry became president of NCARB after serving in several other positions on the NCARB Board of Directors. Carry was appointed to the Georgia State Board for Exam Qualification and Registration in 1977 and served as the Board's chair in 1981. As an NCARB volunteer, Carry served as chairman of both the Examination Planning Committee and the Nominating Committee. While on the Examination Planning Committee, Carry oversaw a push toward greater unanimity in test grading. This enabled more consistent grading among the hundreds of architect volunteers that reviewed the ARE each year.

Carry is best known for co-founding the nationally acclaimed Cooper Carry & Associates in 1960. Through his firm, he left a rich architectural legacy that continues today.

“We have lost one of the true giants in our field who not only contributed beautiful design that stands the test of time, but also a sense of respect for the profession of architecture,” said Carry’s long-time business partner, Jerry Cooper. “We had a dream to create a firm that would connect ideas and people to the places where they live, work and learn. Cooper Carry is the culmination of that dream, which would never have happened without Walter’s unconquerable drive. He will be greatly missed and forever remembered.”

In addition to his accomplishments at NCARB and his firm, Carry was elevated to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) College of Fellows in 1989 in recognition of his service to the profession. He was also awarded the AIA Leadership Award in 1978, the AIA Exceptional Service to the Profession Award in 1988, and the AIA Presidential Citation in 1989.

Carry is survived by his wife, Jane Carry; daughter, Leisa Carry, and son, Tom Carry. For correspondence with the family, please contact Tom Carry by email or send mail to 1048 Goodson Road, Dawsonville, GA 30534.