NCARB CEO Shares How Organization Is Going Further to Revitalize Programs

New Orleans—NCARB CEO Michael Armstrong opened his speech at the 2015 Annual Business Meeting by highlighting recent enhancements made to the organization’s programs and services—all positioning NCARB for future success.

New customer service systems, consistent outreach and communications, and consistent volunteer engagement have all moved NCARB programmatic updates from the planning phase to implementation, Armstrong said. That, along with a more streamlined business model, has positioned NCARB “to extend our reach, expand our vision, and truly go further.”

While much of NCARB’s recent efforts have focused on emerging professionals, Armstrong said the organization is now ready to focus more attention on the architect community. Specific efforts in this arena include added benefits to the NCARB Certificate, deeper outreach to firms and leaders of the architect community, and a renewed focus on solving Member Board challenges. He also stressed the larger role that NCARB will play in the regulatory community as a champion of the value of licensure and regulation.

“Our season of experimentation and reform regarding emerging professionals has prepared us to pivot toward the licensed architect community,” he said.

Armstrong spoke with great pride about the 2015 edition of NCARB by the Numbers, which offers the organization’s latest data findings on the path to licensure. He shared a number of key data points from the soon to be released resource that stress the health of the profession, including over 37,000 aspiring architects currently reporting experience and/or testing.

NCARB will remain committed to protecting licensure, Armstrong said. “We are working every day, in ways big and small, to protect the licensure framework that licensing boards have established and nurtured for almost 100 years.”