NCARB CEO Shares How Organization Is Going Further to Serve Licensing Boards

During his speech at the 2018 Annual Business Meeting, NCARB Chief Executive Officer Michael J. Armstrong outlined how the organization is planning to deepen its commitment to helping architectural licensing boards protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

“We are dedicated to supporting our Member Boards in every area of their mission to serve the public,” said Armstrong. “In the coming year we plan to explore how NCARB services in several areas can help boards reach their full capacity. Our focus will look more closely at the areas of outreach and marketing, data management, investigative services, and advocacy efforts, given that government resources are not always available to completely address Member Board needs.”

Armstrong explored each of these four areas in depth, along with celebrating the success of the organization’s efforts in defending reasonable regulation, while stressing that NCARB will continue to go further to help boards advocate for the importance of their work. “Our focus is being proactive, rather than reactive,” said Armstrong. “By distinguishing architecture as a profession rather than an occupation, rebuffing myths regarding mobility opportunities, and demonstrating our ability to evolve with the changing nature of architectural practice, we can prevent uninformed attacks on public safety.”

Additionally, Armstrong shared findings from the 2018 edition of NCARB by the Numbers, the organization’s annual data publication. This year’s edition reveals an increase in the number of architects, as well as the highest number on record of candidates completing the core requirements for licensure.

NCARB will continue to increase its support for boards facing new and ongoing challenges, Armstrong concluded. “Together, we can support the licensure framework that our Member Boards have evolved for almost 100 years."