New Mini-Monographs—FREE for NCARB Certificate Holders!

Attention NCARB Certificate holders! Earning continuing education credits has never been easier than with NCARB’s new mini-monographs.

Powered by AEC Daily—a leader in continuing education—mini-monographs are online self-study articles that will help professionals like you stay informed and earn continuing education hours (CEHs) in Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) or Sustainable Design (SD). Passing a mini-monograph quiz is worth one CEH.

As an architect, NCARB’s new mini-monograph program is designed to help you achieve your professional development goals. And if you are practicing in one of more than 40 jurisdictions—and growing—earning continuing education credit to update your skills is a requirement for licensure renewal!

Mini-monographs allow you to earn CEHs quickly and easily. For NCARB Certificate holders and active intern Record holders, there is no cost. For non-certified NCARB Record holders and non-NCARB Record holders, each monograph can be purchased for $35 each.

Choose from the mini-monographs available today. All are written by an expert in the field and all are easily accessible online. You can read them anywhere—on the train, in an airport, or from the comfort of your home.

And there’s more good news. Each month, NCARB will add an additional mini-monograph to help you advance your career and earn yearly CEH credits.

Start your mini-monograph self-study program today!

Editor's Note: NCARB's Monograph Series was renamed the Continuum Education Program in early 2020.