7 Tools to Help You Pass the ARE

To help ARE candidates become familiarized with the exam, we developed a number of guides and resources.

ARE 4.0 Guidelines

A must-read for ARE candidates, this document includes an overview of all seven divisions, along with info about establishing an NCARB Record, understanding your rolling clock, scheduling exams, and more. [DOWNLOAD] (PDF)

ARE 4.0 Exam Guides

Each guide contains sample multiple-choice questions (except Schematic Design), one passing and one failing solution for each sample vignette, and a list of helpful references.

Construction Documents

To help you prepare for the Construction Documents & Services division, we offer key AIA documents to all Record holders. To download these documents:

  1. Log in to My NCARB
  2. Click “Quick Links”
  3. Click “Construction Documents and Services Resources from AIA”

Reference Materials

During the Structural Systems and Building Systems divisions, you’ll be given a list of references. You can download them ahead of time here:

Practice Programs 

You can practice solving graphic vignettes through our practice programs service. In 2013, we launched a cloud-based subscription service for candidates with Macs and 64-bit Windows. For $10 a year, you’ll get unlimited access to all 11 practice programs.

In addition to the subscription service, you can still download the original practice programs for free. If you have a 64-bit machine running the Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions, you should be able to create a Virtual PC that will support the programs. Learn how to install a Virtual PC here.

Download the practice program files:

AIA Study Groups

A number of AIA chapters host ARE prep classes and workshops. Find your local AIA chapter here.

Additional Study Materials

The last page of every exam guide includes a list of references that were used to help develop exam questions. Check with your local AIA chapter or library to see if they have copies you can borrow.