Now that the online proctoring option for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) 5.0 and related exam changes are live, it’s essential you have all the necessary tools to prepare for a smooth testing experience. To ensure this, NCARB has released a suite of new exam resources for candidates. Whether you’re taking your upcoming exam at home or at a test center, check out our most recent videos to learn about exam navigation, key strategies, and insider tips from our staff experts.

Understanding the Exam Format 

Have you scheduled your ARE 5.0 division exam? Before test day, check out this video for a deep dive on what to expect during your exam and the resources available from start to finish. We provided a full view of the ARE 5.0’s navigation tools and format, including how to begin an exam, mark and review items, take breaks, and end your exam.

All division exams are structured in the same way, including an introduction, exam content, individual items, case study items, pretest items, and a conclusion section. The number of items included in the individual items, case study items, and pretest item sections vary across each division exam. In our explainer video, we provide all you need to know about each exam section and what to expect at the start of your exam, during breaks, and at the end of your exam. 

How Case Studies are Structured 

All exam divisions include a case studies section, with two case studies included in each division. Case studies are based on real-world architectural projects and firm scenarios and demonstrate your ability to make evaluative judgment. In this video we explore ARE 5.0 case studies, including what you’ll see as part of a case study, the tools available, and tips for navigating a case study.

ARE 5.0 Digital Whiteboard

The ARE 5.0 Digital Whiteboard, similar to your personal notepad, is your top resource to assist you jotting down any notes, sketches, or annotations as you complete your exam. In this video we explain all you need to know about the digital whiteboard, including how to open, move, and resize the tool’s window; draw and type; create additional pages; and erase or clear content.

Still have some questions about the Digital Whiteboard? Watch as NCARB’s Assistant Vice President of Examination Michelle Cohn and Manager of Examination Nick Respecki answer questions your peers had about the whiteboard, plus provide a step-by-step demonstration of an example item!

As you continue to prepare for your upcoming exam, check out our updated ARE division videos: